Of some interest to me is the iconography of the books about Pir Sultan and indeed Alevilik more broadly. I have been collecting as many editions of Pir Sultan texts et al. for some time and have copies of most, if not all, the seminal texts. So from time to time I will post some scans of the covers as a record of the iconography of these books.

ergun_1929The earliest monograph on Pir Sultan Abdal was the book by Sadettin Nüzhet (Ergun). Ergun’s adopted surname (soyadı) does not appear on the original 1929 edition of the book. It is titled in full: XVIIinci asır Sazşairlerinden Pir Sultan Abdal (Pir Sultan Abdal of the 17th century era minstrels (literally saz poets)) and is published by the Istanbul Evkaf Matbaası in soft brown cardboard covers. It is the 3rd volume in a series edited by Mehmet Köprülü (Köprülüzade Mehmet Fuat) titled Türk Sazşairleri âit metinler ve tetkikler (texts and researches regarding the Turkish saz poets), the first two volumes being devoted to the poets Gevheri and Erzurumlu Emrah. The book is 77 pages and includes the texts of 105 poems along with 6 notated melodies. The introductory matter by Ergun constitutes only about 15 pages, albeit of considerable value. Original price was 60 kuruş.