Regarding the translations on this blog


Study (and swimming) time at Kızkalesi, 2007

The translations of Alevi deyişler that I am posting on this blog are taken from my workbooks of translations that I kept while preparing my PhD thesis and also for the purposes of general study, performance and, well, plain interest. They are not intended as complete or final ‘poetic’ renditions, but rather as functional working translations – leaning rather more to the literal than the interpretive or poetic, though even the literal is not necessarily possible with this material. They are most certainly works in progress and in some cases I may develop them into more lyrical versions, either here or in some other place. The ones I chose to post are just those that I find might have some interest for a wider audience – particularly as there are so few of these wonderful works available in English –  or which happen to be engaging me at a particular time. I am also posting them in order to use the blog as a workbook for some largely unfiltered reflections on translation and other issues. I would welcome any comments or corrections in regards to the translation. In posting them here they are obviously available to freely use, but I trust people will do so with due acknowledgement!

Unless otherwise indicated the illustrations accompanying the translations (and elsewhere on the site) are from my own photographs (mostly taken in Turkey). Digital scans of book and recording covers and illustrations are taken from my personal collections.

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